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My name is Zoe, I’m not 26 years old and enthusiast and a writer of all things “ Beauty, Fashion and Life ” associated. Once Upon A Time, In February 2009, after indulging in various other Attractiveness Sites as a way to read up on the newest goings on in the Attractiveness world, I decided to join in on one quite dull evening, and “Zoella” was born.

I picked to write about the things I enjoyed, the things I felt passionate about and share my love of pictures. Before I had a small following of folks that loved reading what I’d written, and this was amazing in itself, as actually, I’d never expected anyone to appreciate anything I’d written in my own little space online. Months and years passed, and the subsequent grew to millions (somehow). You might sometimes find me on a few magazines also! I’ve given many chances that I could have ever dreamt of and had the entirely privilege of meeting with some amazing people, working on some incredible endeavors. boiler replacement london