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"Date January,20,2013. Beginner Touch-Typist trying to survive...I'm using Q*MLW* (QGMLWB) as my keyboard layout of choice, but I was in a brief relationship with COLEMAK. 97% accuracy and training to do-away with backspace altogether. I'm only doing the 5&10 minutes test and higher. Later"

(1) One hour worth of daily practice

(2) focus on speed and accuracy at separate times

My layout and many more are here---> http://mkweb.bcgsc.ca/carpalx/?home

Typing Test: 5 Minutes
67 wpm#565Watch replay
Typing Test: 1 Minute
73 wpm#1067Watch replay
Typing Test: 30 Seconds
76 wpm#1089Watch replay
Typing Test: 2 Minutes
62 wpm#1392Watch replay