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How to make a good synopsis - basic tips To make a good synopsis you will be helped by the following tips (do not forget to take into account what we talked about above): Write a lecture on the content blocks. The blocks must correspond to the points of the lecture plan. To make the information easier to structure, you can number blocks, use sub-items, indent left and red lines, and include bulleted lists. Abbreviate keywords to a capital letter and use these abbreviations in the text. You can set the reduction in the subheadings, for example, the phrase "World War II" can be reduced to "WWII", "cognitive dissonance" can be reduced to "CD", etc. If any letters match, separate from each other, you can use special symbols, for example, by circling a letter in a circle or square, etc. The core concepts of one discipline also mark with special abbreviations. If, for example, we are talking about literature, use the letter "L" in all abstracts, if in biology - the letter "B", etc. To be safe, write down all the abbreviations used on the last page of the notebook.