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Swedish eSports is one of the most popular in our time. Currently, gamers from Malmö are world famous. Even clerks who are not particularly involved in e-sports know the popular CS: GO, Dota 2 teams. Many popular players from Sweden went to CS: GO. This game began to gain popularity in Sweden since 2001. A lot of cool gamers, who today write articles and discuss legends, began their journey from computer clubs in Sweden.

Since Sweden is one of the most progressive countries in Europe, incredibly many guys have an idea of ​​what e-sports is. If you want to bet on e-sports in Swedish games, you should pay attention to Counter-Strike Global Offensive. This video game was able to interest today more than 94% of gamers in Sweden. A lot of guys are now aware that the eSports team in Sweden is very famous for such teams as: SK Gaming, Fnatic.

Based on the fact that these teams are played mainly by gamers from Sweden, teams are often watched from Stockholm and other cities. You can be sure that by betting on e-sports in the Swedish state, you will definitely win. Betting is better on the official resource. You can earn money by getting a positive result for you.