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With potentially hundreds of people applying for the same job as you, how do you make sure your application gets noticed? How do you make sure you get called to interview? Here we discuss four sure-fire ways to make sure your job application is the one that stands out from the crowd.

Read the Advert & Tailor Your Application

This might sound simple enough, but a lot of people tend to skim read the advert and fire off the same old covering letter and email. This won’t work. Take your time to carefully read each advert highlighting the key points such as the skills and experience you need to have.

Once you’ve read through the advert, draft up an application tailored to the requirements. Some companies simply request a résumé and covering letter, while others have specific forms or requests. Rewrite this until you’re completely happy and feel it accurately reflects you.

This will ensure that your application isn’t rejected straight away. Employers like to see people who have thoroughly read their application process, and made a conscious effort to tailor their applications.