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The foUowing rite is a beautiful method of protecting a newborn baby as

well as calling the universal energies of love and guidance to lead ber or

him through the trials of life with strength and a resolution to succeed.

On a Wednesday morning sit comfortably on the floor with the baby.

Place a sweet smelling bunch of flowers beside ber or him. Do not burn

incense as this may alarm or irritate the child.

Close your eyes and visualize a stream of brilliant wbite light

enshrouding you and the child. Take the child's hands inyours and recite

the following:

"Forco of pure wbite light, opirito of the earth, offire and water and air, be

here with ua and witneod my pledge.

I (your name) dedicate thw young life to the forceo of purity, love and truth.

With peace and Uwe Igioe over my child to the path of bluw and learning. "

Take a flower from the bunch, hołd it above the child and say:

"Forceo of looe pleaoe place my child under your guidance and protectian,

may her/hio path in thu) life be jinooth and may all hui/her leMoiu be learned

with grace and ot reng th. "

Kiss the child and enjoy the moment.

Hang the bunch of flowers to dry out. When they are diy wrap them

in a wbite cloth and storę them in a safe place.

As the child grows over the years, sprinkle a few crushed / J

petals from the bunch of dried flowers beneath his or ber bed y I / y

on each birthday to cali tbe forces of love to his or ber side.

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