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Recipes for łuck and success very often contain citrus based essences as

these are said to court the favor of the mercurial energies of chance. In the

following two formulas, both of which are typical of commercial products

sold in magical supply houses, the citrus flavor comes from citronella

which is often used in aromatherapy as an insect repellent. If this particular

essence is not available to you, you may like to substitute it with essential

oil of lemongrass.

To a glass bottle add the following:

one part frankincenoe abooLute oil

one part lemon eooential od

two parto laoender eooence

one eighth part citronella eooential oil

a few whole anioeedo or oaffron threado to the bottle

eipht parto lipht minerał oil ao a baoe

Fortuna oil is especially good for anointing lucky charms, talismans,

rabbits feet, yellow and orange lucky candles. It is also said to dispose the

energies of łuck in your favor when rubbed on the palms of the hands

before playing games of chance.

A typical Puerto Rican practice is to buy a lottery ticket and place it

beneath a candlestick holding a dripless yellow candle anointed with this

oil. The candle should be held in the hand and anointed from the middle of

the shaft to the top and then from the middle to the base, as this

symbolically addresses the wish for łuck to heaven and then to the energies

of manifestation on earth.

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